Upright monuments are designed with height in mind, giving the monument a high visibility within a cemetery. These memorials are constructed with at least two pieces of  granite, a top piece called a die and a bottom piece called the base. The most common uprights are polished on both sides, but also have the options of having the top and ends polished too.

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A slant marker is a piece of granite that sits directly on the foundation and is angled back in a wedge-like shape. This is an economical way to place a memorial that is still taller than the bevels or flat markers, but more affordable than an upright style. If you prefer, a slant can have a granite base added underneath it to add more height.

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bevels and flats

A bevel marker is not a flat marker, it slopes from front to back about two inches. which allows grass clippings and debris to rinse off naturally. Bevel markers typically sit above ground at between six and eight inches. 

A flat marker typically is four inches thick and sets flush with the ground. Most memorial parks require flat markers.


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